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Boot Spikes

Boot spikes are like mini-crampons to give added traction and security when walking on ice around town or on relatively flat surfaces. They are in no way designed to be a cheap alternative to a full crampon. However, many of us like to enjoy the outdoors in winter without tackling a munro and this is where boot spikes can be useful. They take seconds to attach and provide the extra grip you need to enjoy a leisurely walk around town and along country paths.

Boot spikes are generally inexpensive and small enough to keep in the glove-box of a car in case they are needed. The usually fit over any boot or shoe and adjust to fit with straps or webbing. Below is a comparison of some of the models available on the market today.


Approx: £30 Grivel Spider
Grivel Spider

These grips are made by Grivel who certainly know a thing or two about gripping the ice. The Grivel Spider is exceptionally lightweight, easy to use and easy to carry or stow. It has a 10 point polyamide structure and can fit any size or type of shoe or boot. This is the ultimate in flexible, easy to use ice grip and is suitable for use on wet grass, mud and any other terrain where extra grips is required.


Approx: £10 Snow n’ Go Heavy Duty Grips
Snow n' Go Heavy Duty Grips

These Snow n’ Go Heavy Duty Grips are designed to fit UK size 6.5-11.5 footwear and are made from durable lightweight rubber. They have 10 metal cleats to grip the ice and fit over your footwear with a strap and rubberised grips. The Heavy Duty grips are quick and easy to take on and off and provide the sure-footing needed to make winter walks more pleasurable and safe.


Approx: £15 Alpenheat Boot Grips
Alpenheat Boot Grips

The Alpenheat Boot Grips are perfect for slipping on over your hiking boots for those long winter walks. They are made of hard wearing low temperature elastomere stretchable rubber, which allows them to be expanded to fit most types of shoe or boot. The Alpenheat Boot Grips feature 10 high quality rustproof spikes and fully wrap around the toe and heel for a secure fit. Weighing just 220g they are light and compact for storage and to pack in case they are needed. Suitable for UK size 8-10.5 and available in medium and small as well.