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Compare & Buy Crampons

There are a great many crampons on the market to choose between.  If you are unsure which crampons you require, you should find the answers to your question in our sections on Crampon Types and Crampon Attachment.


Grivel and Petzl are two of the better-known manufacturers of crampons.  There are many others makes and a huge range of crampon models from which to choose.  We have collated and selected the best of them to cover all possible needs from snow walking to climbing frozen waterfalls. If you are looking to buy crampons then we have done the hard work for you.


Approx: £100 Grivel G10 Crampon

The Grivel G10 Crampons is an excellent all-round semi-rigid mountaineering crampon. It is constructed from chromolly steel, tips the scales at 810g and comes with anti-balling plates to resist accumulation of snow and other debris. The G10 has 10 points, uses a strap-in binding system, and is well suited for light to moderate climbs and technical alpinism. This crampon is fully adjustable by hand and one-size fits all. The G10 is C1 rated and therefore compatible with B1-B3 boots.


Approx: £75 CAMP Magix Hiking Crampon

The CAMP Magix Hiking Crampon is the ideal entry level one-size-fits-all crampon. It comes with either 8 or 10 points weighing 670g and 760g respectively. The CAMP Magix are of a steel construction and employ the strap-in binding system. Anti-balling plates are included as standard. This crampon is flexible and best suited to light and easy climbs or snow walking. Both versions are a C1 rated crampon that is suitable for B1-B3 boots.


Approx: £75 Salewa Aguille 2.0 Walk Antiboot Crampon

The Aguille 2.0 antiboot crampon is a classic crampon designed for relatively steep ice and compact snow climbs. It is a heavy weight at 980g but it features a full step-in binding system and anti-balling plates, all at a very reasonable price. The Aguille 2.0 has 12 steel points to grip the ice and adjustable sizing. This is a semi-rigid C2 crampon that is designed to fit B2 and B3 alpine boots. Your boots will require full depth front and rear welts to ensure a secure fitting.


Approx: £120 Grivel G12 Crampon

The Grivel G12 is a 12 point fully adjustable chromolly steel semi-rigid crampon. It weighs 950g and comes complete with anti-balling plates and a strap in binding system. This crampon is a more rigid and rugged version of the G10 and best suited to technical alpinism and steep ice falls. The rear points of the G12 feature serrated edges to better grip the ice. The Grivel G12 is a C2 rated crampon designed for B2 and B3 boots.


Approx: £115 Petzl T05LLF Vasak Leverlock Crampon

The Petzl Vasak is an excellent 12-point general purpose mountaineering crampon. It weighs in at 920g and features a full step-in binding system with ankle strap and anti-balling plates. The linking bar can be adjusted to be either flexible or semi-rigid allowing this crampon to be used with B1-B3 boots provided they have full depth toe and heel welts for the binding system.


Approx: £100 Petzl T03FL Irvis FlexLock Crampon

The Petzl Irvis Flexilock is a 10-point fully-adjustable strap-in crampon. They weigh 810g and come complete with anti-balling plates as standard. The Irvis flexilock is suited to glacier travel, and snowy or icy approaches. As with the Petzl Vasak, the Petzl Irvis features an adjustable linking bar that can be set to flexible or semi-rigid. The allows the crampon to be used with B1-B3 boots and the full strap-in binding offers complete flexibility of fitment.


Approx: £100 Salewa Alunal 2.0 Antiboot Crampon

The Salewa Alunal 2.0 antiboot is the perfect lightweight crampon to pack when you are unsure of the conditions. It has 12-points and a hybrid binding system, yet weighs just 720g. The crampons come complete with anti-balling plates and are suitable for tackling anything you weren’t expecting. The Alunal is a flexible C1 crampon that is suited to B1-B3 boots.


Approx: £185 Grivel Rambo Evolution 4 Crampon

The Grivel Rambo Evolution 4 Crampon is Grivel’s most technical fully rigid crampon. This is a full step-in crampon for the serious enthusiast and it comes complete with anti-balling plates, an ankle strap, and single screw adjustments. The Grivel Rambo has aggressive serrated points to grip the ice and weighs in at around 1075g depending on final set up. This is a C3 technical steep-ice climbing crampon that will only fit B3 boots from sizes 38-48.