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Ice Axes

As with crampons, ice axes are an essential winter tool. People often mistakenly believe they only need an ice axe if they intend to perform vertical accent heroics up a frozen waterfall or crevasse. This is not the case; in fact, an ice axe is an essential tool for most winter climbers for added balance, safety, and to knock that pesky build up of debris from your crampons. Oh, and they look cool too.


By planting your ice axe like a walking stick, you give yourself an additional point of contact with the ground for added stability. This also means you can use your upper body to take a little load off your legs. Used correctly, an ice axe can minimise the risk of slipping. However, should the worst occur, an ice axe is the perfect tool to cut into the snow or ice to give you the best possible chance of self-arrest before you slip out of control. We have selected and recommended a range of ice axes below.


Approx: £125 Grivel Air Tech Evolution Ice Axe
Grivel Air Tech Evolution Ice Axe

The Grivel Air Tech Evolution is more than just a beautiful ice axe. It has a chromolly steel construction, a hot-forged head at a classical positive angle, a long leash, a rubberised handle, and weighs just 473g. Air Tech Evolution ice axe is perfect for UK winter walking and for both general and technical alpinism.


Approx: £60 Grivel Munro Long Leash Ice Axe
Grivel Munro Ice Axe

The Grivel Munro Long Leash Ice Axe is the perfect non-technical entry level ice axe for general winter climbing. It features a hot-forged carbon steel head and a straight shaft. The head of the axe has serrated teeth along half its length for extra security and to aid self-arrest. The Grivel Munro is available in sizes from 55cm to 70cm in length and tips the scales at around 480g.


Approx: £210 Petzl Charlet U19 P2 Quark Ice Axe
Petzl Charlet Quark Ice Axe

The Petzl Charlet Quark Ice Axe is a no nonsense axe designed primarily for technical mountaineering or ice climbing. However, if features a modular head construction meaning it can be adapted to suit any situation. This is a truly versatile and beautiful looking ice axe that comes complete with a griprest and trigrest ensuring a powerful and comfortable grip. The Petzl Charlet Quark weighs from 460g to 550g depending on how you set-up it up for your chosen activity.


Approx: £90 Salewa Freney 2.0 Ice Axe
Salewa Freney 2.0 Ice Axe

The Salewa Freney 2.0 Ice Axe is an excellent classic ice axe for general alpinism and ice climbing. It has an aluminium shaft, a stainless steel head and weighs in at 520g (55cm length). The shaft is diamond shaped for easy grip and the axe is available in 55 and 60 cm lengths. The Salewa Freney 2.0 comes complete with a hand strap for extra security and peace of mind.